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How local organizations are helping those in need by making sure they can keep their furry friend.

TOLEDO, Ohio — When families are facing difficult issues like homelessness or financial stress, they’re able to turn to social services that can offer free assistance. But where can people find the help they need to take care of their pet?

Two agencies that are focused on pets go out of their way to help keep pets and their owners together, the Community Pet Care Clinic and the Compassionate Village, an animal rescue non profit. They say their business is helping animals but it’s important to remember the people on the other end of the leash.

The is not just for pets to get help. Co-owner Aimee St. Arnaud said she wanted to make sure her patients can afford care for their pets and receive assistance when needed. 

“Love is love. Your pet is family, and for a lot of people, their pet is the only thing that’s keeping them going. We don’t want to see them go without their pets,” Arnaud explained. 

Veterinarian Dr. Stephanye Quinn has been at the clinic for over a year and says she’s happy the clinic works to help everyone. 

“It really helps humans with depression, post traumatic stress disorders, a multitude of different disorders,” Dr. Quinn said. 

Together the clinic and the non profit have helped three different families through hard times. 

The latest family in need was a domestic abuse survivor and her dog. The pair needed to find housing, they’d been living out of her car since she left her violent situation.

She couldn’t go home and she couldn’t go to any shelters because they don’t allow dogs.

She didn’t want to leave her companion behind. 

Co-founder and President of The Compassionate Village, Britni Wilson-Carleton, said she knows what it’s like to fall on hard times so making sure to listen to those who need help is key.

In addition to listening, giving people options and not taking things away is what the organizations aim for. 

“When we can take the time to learn someone’s story, and we discern the difference in people that care about their pets from intentional neglect. There’s a big difference there,” Wilson-Carleton explained.

The goal is judgement-free help, so instead of judging that survivor for choosing to live in her car with her dog versus giving up her up, the clinic and nonprofit found temporary housing for them while they wait for something more permanent.

No matter if families are homeless or can’t afford necessary medical treatments for their pets, both organization founders said they’re here to help.

“If we can keep something stable in their life, some consistency there, it’s important that we keep that person and their pet together,” Wilson-Carleton said.

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