PETS OF THE WEEK: River and Sweeney Todd – La Crosse Tribune

River is a very affectionate, intelligent and active young girl looking for a family where someone is home most of the time. She was house trained in her previous home and should do well in a new home if given time to adjust and a consistent routine. We feel that River would likely do well with respectful children 7 years and older. She is not of a fan of other dogs and is looking to be your one and only. She has lived with cats previously and did well but does like to play with them so dog s…….


Why animal owners in Hong Kong are hiring private planes for their pets – CNN

Hong Kong (CNN) — “Private jet for your pet” is the kind of phrase you might expect to hear from a movie star or media mogul.

But in 2022 Hong Kong, it’s just as likely to be a regular person looking into this very unusual expense.

Many people who are moving away from the financial hub have been unable to secure flights out of the city for their dogs and cats, leading to online groups where desperate pet parents try to pool their money to cover the cost of renting a charter plan…….


Top 5 pet new year’s resolutions for 2022 – York News-Times

Many things can be stressful when it comes to hitting the road for the holidays. However, traveling with your pets doesn’t have to be one of them. Most pet parents don’t like leaving their furry kids behind, and (provided their pets are good travelers) they really don’t have to. When following some tried-and-true tips, taking your pets along is not only easy, it makes for a much more enjoyable holiday road trip.

Source: <…….


Woman Disguises Pet Cat for ‘Landlord Visit’ So Well in Viral Video No One Can Find It – Newsweek

A woman may have unintentionally created the best “where’s Waldo” ever, after cleverly disguising her pet cat among a pile of toys.

Gosia is the proud owner of five white cats, named Foxy, Bacon, Harry, Larry and Szymon, and it seems their light-colored coats give them incredible camouflage abilities.

Gosia shared a clip to her TikTok account, @5crazycats, captioned: “When your landlord is coming for an inspection and doesn’t allow pets.”

She films her bed, which is covered …….


Woof! Meow! Cluck? Here’s what readers named their pets –

Readers Weigh In

“I was so uncertain about the pandemic, and I needed a good friend.”

Yan Laurichesse on Unsplash

Upon hearing about how “Charlie” was the most popular dog name in Boston — and opining that it might be thanks to the popularity of a certain outgoing governor — we asked readers last week what they’d named their own pets, and why. And woof! Ther…….


Experts Offer Holiday Safety Tips for Pets – WebMD

“You know their triggers, so if you avoid them, things will be absolutely fine,” he says.

Melissa Hartley, supporting member, Pet Professional Guild and International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Owner, Sindar Kennel

Club affiliation: Weimaraner Club of America

Wagener, SC

“In canine behavior, a bite occurs at the end o…….


Iranian animal lovers decry ultraconservative push to ban pets – The Times of Israel

TEHRAN, Iran (AFP) — “No, my cat is not dangerous,” says Iranian animal lover Mostafa, outraged by a proposal from ultraconservative lawmakers to ban pets.

The 25-year-old, who runs a pet supplies shop on busy Eskandari Street in downtown Tehran, is stunned.

“Crocodiles can be called dangerous, but how can rabbits, dogs, and cats be dangerous?” he asked incredulously about the bill introduced a month ago.

The proposed law pits growing numbers of peopl…….


Pets of the Week: Sassy and Dill – Duluth News Tribune

Sassy is a domestic short-haired cat who really is a princess in disguise. She is 8-years-old, and loves to play with her toys, lay in the sun and have conversations with humans. I am told I am very vocal but with the adorable sound of my voice, who wouldn’t want to hear me? Sassy is up to date on all vaccines, microchipped, and spayed. To meet Sassy, call Precious Paws at 218-254-3300 or go to