Keeping your pets calm, safe during severe weather | Severe Weather Awareness Week – WTOL

Veterinarian: “Your training techniques are your best friend. Start teaching them young that it’s okay.”

TOLEDO, Ohio — Severe spring weather can be scary for people, but as most pet owners know, the season’s storms can also be a challenge for our companion animals.

Dogs can tell when a storm is coming as they sense a drop in pressure. When that happens, they can get stressed and become destructive.



‘Strangers tell me: “Your dog is really fat!”’ How pets from cats to gerbils are being forced to diet – The Guardian

Eight-year-old chocolate labrador Blue is shaped like a barrel and has a slow, lumbering gait. Rolls of fat bulge from his collar; his belly hangs low, skimming the ground. Mournful eyes look out from a jowly face. Blue is on a diet, you see, and he’s hating every minute of it. No more juicy rabbit ears or plump chicken feet. He sneaked some cake earlier in the week from the kitchen floor, but his owner, Mary, got it away before he could finish it.

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Our pets are costing NJ families more than we think – New Jersey 101.5 FM

I had to take our dog to the vet today. He’s a mixed breed lovable little guy that we got from a rescue. Well, it turns out he has allergies and they get bad enough that he sometimes needs shots. His skin turns an angry, itching red. I feel awful for him.

So the vet told me what I expected to hear. Seasonal allergies once again. Needed the shot I was expecting. Was put on 14 days of antibiotics. And I have to give him Zyrtec all season. Was also told I could switch him to a food that …….


Austin Pets Alive! offers assistance for pets affected by tornadoes – FOX 7 Austin

AUSTIN, Texas – Austin Pets Alive! is offering resources for people affected by tornadoes. The animal shelter said it will assist with finding temporary homes, food and other pet needs for people, following the tornadoes in Round Rock, Elgin, and Granger. 

It is also offering assistance to local, county, and state government emergency operations teams as they assist with recovery efforts following the tornadoes in Central Texas.

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Toledo non-profits keep people and pets together when crisis strikes – WTOL

How local organizations are helping those in need by making sure they can keep their furry friend.

TOLEDO, Ohio — When families are facing difficult issues like homelessness or financial stress, they’re able to turn to social services that can offer free assistance. But where can people find the help they need to take care of their pet?

Two agencies that are focused on pets go out of their way to help keep pets and …….


Inflation is spiking the cost of pet parenthood yet owners are still splurging on care – CNBC

Halfpoint Images | Moment | Getty Images

Pet parenthood is getting more expensive, but many owners are still willing to splurge, according to a report from Rover, an online pet marketplace.

Rising costs and inflation are a growing concern for Americans, affecting everyday expenses like groceries, gasoline and housing. Pet parents are also feeling the sting, according to the report analyzing data from more than 1,000 U.S. dog owners. 

More than 70% of pet parents have spent …….


Common household items pose poison risk to pets – Standard-Examiner

Jamie Lampros, Special to the Standard-Examiner

Casper poses for a photo in their backyard.

Preventing poisonings isn’t just for humans. Our four-legged furry friends are also at risk, so if your dog or cat stole your chocolate candy bar, you should probably call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center or take them to your veterinarian.

According to the ASPCA, more than 370,500 animals were saved from poisoning exposures in 2020. This…….


This Dog Travel Bag Makes Trips With Pets Much Easier – Travel + Leisure

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Traveling with pets can be stressful. Not only do you have to wrangle your furry friends and make sure they’re happy and well fed while you’re on the go, but you also have to lug around all of their gear. Keeping their food, water, toys, and other essentials organized is often a difficult task, but Amazon shoppers have f…….